Fundraising Tips

Thank you for participating and supporting Clearbrook! Did you know that if Clearbrook relied solely on state funding, we would operate at a $11,000 daily deficit? That's over $4 million a year! Funds raised through this event help us cover that cost and provide the very best for our clients. THANK YOU!

Getting Started

  • Login to your participant center and customize your fundraising page. Tell people your story and why you support Clearbrook. Be sure to include a photo! Need help customizing? Check out this guide.  You can see a video tutorial here.
  • Share the page with your family, friends and coworkers. Encourage them to join you by participating in the walk/run, or by making a donation.
  • Ask, ask, and ask again! Many people want to support you, but see your email or post when they are in line at the grocery store...and then forget! It doesn't hurt to send a few reminders.
  • Host an event with your family or friends to raise funds. Anything can be made into a fundraising event! Reach out to us if you need help brainstorming ideas.
  • Raise money at work. See if your company will host a jeans day and allow staff to wear jeans for a day if they make a $5 donation. Buy bagels and donuts. Leave them in the breakroom with a donation box. Host a bake sale in the lobby of your office. Host a happy hour after work at a local restaurant. Ask them to donate a percentage of the proceeds to Clearbrook. The possibilities are endless!
  • Ask us if you need more ideas. We are here to help!  You can reach us at step@clearbrook.org



Registration Guide

Participant Center Screenshot Guide (will help you customize your page, link to Facebook etc)

Participant Center Video Tutorial Guide (will help you customizer your page, link to Facebook etc)

Team Captain Handbook

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Fundraising Ideas

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