Why We Walk/Run

To support Clearbrook of course! 

Did you know Clearbrook:

  • Serves 8,000 families a year 
  • Has 53 Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) homes
  • Serves 1,200 home-based clients making it the largest provider of home-based services in the state of Illinois.
  • Serves 15 counties in over 160 communities in Chicago, the suburbs, and northern Illinois.
  • Has an administrative overhead of 8% – well below the industry standard of 15-25%.
  • Is licensed, certified and/or accredited by the Illinois Department of Human Services and the Illinois Department of Public Health, SourceAmerica and the US Department of Labor.

Clearbrook provides excellent programs and services for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities! You should feel proud that you are participating in this event and supporting Clearbrook.

We would love to hear why YOU support Clearbrook. Why are you stepping it up for Clearbrook? You can send us your story/photo at step@clearbrook.org and we may share it here or or our Facebook page!


Katie Susan