2021 Step It Up

Team Operations/Between a Walk and a Hard Place

Clearbrook is committed to being a leader in creating innovative opportunities, services and supports for people with disabilities.
Clearbrook serves people over a range of ages and disabilities from children diagnosed with developmental delays at birth to the unique needs of seniors with disabilities and all ages in between.

If Clearbrook relied solely on government funding, they would operate with an $11,000 daily deficit. The revenue generated through events like Step It Up For Clearbrook are critical, allowing us to empower individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities to reach their full potential.

Government funding does not cover the maintenance of Clearbrook's 60+ properties. Donations help offset the cost of everything from small home repairs/maintenance to bigger needs like roof replacements. Donations also cover the cost of landscaping and snow removal at all of our properties.

Annually, Clearbrook supports over 8,000 individuals as well as their families in 15 counties, in over 160 communities and 50 locations throughout Chicago, the suburbs, and northern Illinois. We are proud to be the largest provider of home-based services in Illinois

Clearbrook proudly reports that 92 percent of every dollar raised goes directly into programs and services.

Please make a donation today to help individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities reach their full potential!

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